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PopSugar Chats With Entourage's Emmanuelle

PopSugar Chats With Entourage's Emmanuelle

Earlier this week PopSugar had a special opportunity to chat with the beautiful and talented Sloan from HBO's Entourage. The other night Emmanuelle Chriqui looked fabulous in jeans and white blouse (she says she's a jeans and T-shirt girl at heart, after all) at the premiere of Fracture. Emmanuelle was an absolute sweetheart and dished to us about her favorite designers, running with superfamous soccer players, and life on the set of Entourage. Here are highlights:

  • PopSugar: What is it like to be one of the only girls on the set with all the boys of Entourage?
    Emmanelle Chriqui: (laughs) I was a very lucky girl.... All of them are such gentlemen. It was like having all this attention on you and everyone taking care of you (laughs). It was fun. Never uncomfortable. It always just felt like a family, except it just happened to be a male dominated family.
  • PS: How much are you like your own character on the show?
    EC: We have things in common. I’d say we have a very similar essence which is probably why I was cast in the first place. But as far as the kind of things like, you know… being the daughter of a high power agent… all like Beverly Hills and all that stuff, I don’t have that in common with her at all. I mean, I’m so, so the opposite (laughs)!

We can't thank Emmanuelle enough for taking the time out of her busy schedule to talk to us. To read the full interview, just read more

PS: And how did you get into the business to begin with?
EC: I started acting when I was 7-years-old doing theater in Canada. By the time I started high school, I lived in a suburb outside of Toronto and there was a performing arts high school that was being built. I did the whole theater thing in high school and then sort of started doing little things in Canada like commercials and little parts here and there. I then finally picked up and moved to LA and the rest is history!

PS: Did you know you always wanted to get into acting?
EC: Oh yeah, totally. Always, always, always!

PS: We also saw you have a couple of movies coming out. What else is on the horizon?
EC: At the moment I am auditioning a lot. We’re waiting to see a release date. You know, in indie films that could happen tomorrow or it could happen in 2 years. It’s really hard to say. Patriotville, After Sex, who knows when they’re going to come out. I’m doing a lot of reading and auditioning. Nothing I can absolutely talk about yet, but very wonderful opportunities are coming my way.

PS: Would you consider Entourage to be a pretty realistic look at the life of actors in Hollywood?
EC: I would say we have things in common with it, but it’s much more the life of an absolute A-list celebrity. I mean, there’s a big difference between being a working actor and being a, you know, a Mark Wahlberg or a George Clooney or whatever. They command a lot more control and as you can see with Vince, he’s got amazing scripts thrown to him. Offers - unbelievable offers that always just come to him. That’s something most actors just wish for. There’s an extreme and he’s a very A-list celebrity on the show. Let’s be honest, whether you’re a working actor or not, not everybody's an A-list actor. So that really changes things.

PS: We love your wardrobe on the show. What’s it like for you? Is it exciting to see what they picked out? Do you have any say it in?
EC: It’s always fun to see. It’s fantastic because the wardrobe stylist is phenomenal – Amy Westcott. She’s awesome because it’s a real collaboration. She’ll have this idea and pull a couple things and then we’ll either tweak them or we’ll go how about this or that. There’s a real partnership that’s awesome and she’s all about the creative process. The thing that’s interesting about Sloan is that as much as she’s sophisticated and all the rest, and you can tell that what she wears is expensive, there’s a hint of edge to it. There’s a little funkiness to it which we bring to it so it’s really fun. It’s great. I’m always excited to see what Sloan’s going to wear.

PS: What kind of designers has Sloan been wearing this season?
EC. Wow! I actually have no idea. I have no idea. It was actually very funny. For the birthday scene, Vince’s birthday party, we had all these designer dresses and at the end, at the bottom of the pile, there was this red and white skirt. And Amy and I both eyed it and we’re like “Oh my God, are you thinking what I’m thinking (laughs)??” She’s like I don’t know - let’s try. So we take this skirt as a halter, like a strapless, and belt it and we’re like, ok there we go. That’s what I mean. It’s little things. So I actually don’t know what that skirt/top/dress is (laughs).

PS: Who are some of your celebrity inspirations? Who do you look up to career wise?
EC: Well, of course the great Meryl Streep. I have a handful of actresses that I absolutely look up to like Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet. I’m a huge Christina Ricci fan. I think as a young actress she’s made such great choices. There’s young actresses like Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon that have made amazing choices in their career and create this longevity - like you know they’re going to be around for a long, long time and make movies that matter. Those are just to name a few.

PS: Who would you want to work with in the future?
EC: Oh man, I would LOVE to work with Johnny Depp not because he is beautiful but because I really think he’s phenomenal. There are a bunch of directors I’d love to work with like Cameron Crowe. I would love to work with Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese. You know, just to say in my lifetime that I’ve worked with the greats would be unbelievable.

PS: Who would you want to be in your celebrity Entourage?
EC: I have a very valid entourage (laughs)! I have my own entourage here in LA and they’re pretty fierce I gotta tell you.

PS: Is it mostly friends from growing up or other actresses?
EC: It’s a couple other actresses, people along the way that I’ve met that are just the glue of my life here in LA. Whatever it is whether I go out; whether we’re celebrating; whatever it is they’re always there. They’re just a really special bunch of people.

Thanks to the fabulous Emmanuelle for her precious time. Be sure to check her out this season on HBO's Entourage, Sunday nights at 10 pm.








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