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Guess Who's Getting Her Nails Done With Kate?

Happy Tuesday! Celebrate happy hour with our latest quiz.

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Guess who's chatting with Kate Beckinsale during a pedicure?
Brooke Burns
Zooey Deschanel
Rachel Bilson
Brooke Shields
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Guess who's talking during a break from shooting?
Ryan Reynolds
Bradley Cooper
Hugh Jackman
Stephen Dorff
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Guess who has two bags on her arms?
Nicole Richie
Mischa Barton
Leighton Meester
Emma Roberts
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Guess who's got her hat pulled down?
Blake Lively
Scarlett Johansson
LeAnn Rimes
Rachel McAdams
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Guess who's bending over?
Minnie Driver
Keri Russell
Mary-Louise Parker
Vanessa Hudgens
Guess Who's Hiking With a Hot New Boyfriend?
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Guess Who's Hiking With a Hot New Boyfriend?