Happy Wednesday! Time to play our second-to-last Guess Who of 2010!

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Guess who hustled up the stairs?
Jessica Biel
Vanessa Hudgens
Kate Beckinsale
Megan Fox
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Guess who brought his guns to the gym?
Marcus Schenkenberg
Hugh Jackman
Brad Pitt
Ryan Reynolds
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Guess who's out on a date with her husband?
Anna Faris
Busy Philipps
Malin Akerman
Michelle Pfeiffer
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Guess who picked stuff up at a gas station?
Eva Mendes
Rosario Dawson
Mischa Barton
Rachel Bilson
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Guess which guy took charge of the luggage?
Vin Diesel
Jeremy Piven
Jason Statham
Bruce Willis
Guess Who From PopSugar 2010-12-28 16:03:00
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