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Guess Who's Out to Lunch With a Much Younger Lady Friend?

Happy Monday! It's time to get guessing, so good luck.

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Guess who took a younger female friend to lunch?
Kevin Dillon
Steve Buscemi
Nicolas Cage
Bob Saget
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Guess who has her hands more than full?
Rachel Weisz
Eva Mendes
Demi Moore
Courteney Cox
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Guess who's feeling camera shy?
Trevor Donovan
Macaulay Culkin
Jason Lewis
Derek Hough
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Guess which brunette is greeting a young fan?
Jessica Alba
Jessica Szohr
Shenae Grimes
Ashley Tisdale
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Guess who got an interesting new 'do?
Benicio Del Toro
Mike Myers
Mel Gibson
Sean Penn
Guess Who's Playing Photographer? 2010-08-20 17:00:46
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