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How Kate, William, and George Are Preparing For Their Royal Tour

Apr 2 2014 - 2:24am

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (and Prince George!) will soon be embarking on their first royal family tour of Australia and New Zealand, but putting together a nearly 20-day-long schedule is a lot harder than it sounds. To see how Kate Middleton and Prince William are preparing for next week's big trip, we're breaking down the major points that they've taken care of before they board that grueling 24-hour flight from London to New Zealand next week. Keep reading to see how they are getting ready.

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George's Wardrobe

According to Prince William's secretary, George will hopefully be able to take part in at least one event while in New Zealand and Australia, which means that he'll need some fresh new duds, so he can look as stylish as his parents. Kate was spotted shopping at Gap [2] in London earlier this week, where she picked up several baby items, including a plaid onesie, striped pants, and denim shorts — perfect for the warmer climate!

The Nanny

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently hired Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo [3] to become George's nanny, and she will accompany the family for their first tour down under. The couple had previously enlisted William's former nanny Jessie Webb to come out of retirement to take care of George for the first few months of his life while they looked for a more permanent replacement. At 71, Jessie probably wasn't able to keep up with the hectic royal schedule [4], especially as the family was preparing to embark on a major tour.

As Kate and William's schedule will be jam-packed with traveling and appearances, George will spend most of his time with Maria in three "hub" locations [5], which the royals will use as command stations during their travels. The couple will also be spending a few nights away from George to take longer journeys, so he will be left in Maria's care.

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Kate's New Look

It's no secret that Queen Elizabeth II requested that Kate be given a royal makeover [7] leading up to the duke and duchess's trip abroad. The new look will include having Kate sport more royal jewels (mostly borrowed from the queen's personal stash) and longer, weighted hemlines to avoid more "Marilyn moments" like the one Kate experienced when she was visiting Canada.

Unfortunately, the family's trip won't include many formal galas (they aren't really the ball types anyway), so we probably won't see that many tiaras or blinged-out necklaces, but we can expect to see Kate sporting a much more mature, conservative wardrobe. Hopefully, however, this doesn't mean that Kate and William won't be able to slip into some jeans like they did in Canada!

The Entourage

Kate and William will be taking their largest entourage ever (11 total) for their royal tour. The list includes William's private secretary, Miguel Head; Kate's private secretary, Rebecca Deacon; three press officers, Ed Perkins, Nick Loughran, and Katrina McKeever; an orderly; Kate's hairdresser; the couple's adviser, David Manning; a personal assistant; an extra secretary; and, of course, the nanny. While the entourage may sound large, it's actually pretty small compared to other royal tours, as Prince Charles typically takes along a staff of 14, and the queen regularly travels with several ladies in waiting in addition to the big group of secretaries, press officers, and the like.

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