Prince Harry Cheers On Rowers in Sizewell, England, Pictures

Prince Harry Flashes His Handsome Smile Chatting With Some Lucky Ladies Along the Coast of England

Prince Harry tipped his hat to a pair of lucky ladies.

Prince Harry was dressed down in casual gear today for a visit to Sizewell along the coast of England. He joined The Suffolk Foundation and the families of those participating in this year's Engelandvaarders rowing exhibition, which spans a distance of 118 miles of open water between South Holland and the shores of England. The voyage pays tribute to a journey made by 32 Dutchmen during World War II in an attempt to escape the Nazi-occupied Netherlands, to which only eight survived. When Prince Harry's not partying and wooing single ladies across Europe, he's been deeply immersed in goodwill appearances, most recently speaking with officers, firefighters, and ambulance crews who responded to the London riots.

It seems England's most eligible bachelor is also taking a cue from his older brother, William, and planning a trip to the States. He'll be training with his military squad in the upcoming month with a short tour through California and Arizona with rumors he may return to Afghanistan for a second deployment in the region. Meanwhile, though, the youngest prince isn't the only one spending time near the shore. Over the weekend his sister-in-law Kate Middleton, joined by her sister, Pippa, and Alex Loudon, strolled along the beaches of Llanddwyn Island near Kate and William's home in North Wales.

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