Will Prince Harry Get Married?

Prince Harry's Girlfriend Is Playing Hard to Get, You Guys

Prince Harry's Girlfriend Is Playing Hard to Get, You Guys

"Cressida Bonas is 'not ready' to marry Prince Harry," read a weekend headline in the UK's Telegraph newspaper. Good news for Harry hunters, eh? Despite her hesitation, lately the buzz around the royal romance has grown louder, thanks to their first official public appearance earlier this month. The 25-year-old beauty joined the 29-year-old prince at We Day UK, where he spoke the young crowd ahead of a concert. Later that week, they kept close at a rugby game. In normal situations, we'd assume they're going strong and moving from casual dating to a more serious commitment. But this being royals, everyone wants to know: when's the wedding!? Not soon, if hard-to-get Cressida has her way, apparently.

According to her "close friends," Cressida is a modern woman who is having trouble deciding between a career and joining the royal family. The British paper quotes anonymous friends as saying: "The bookies have been offering odds of 8/13 on an engagement this year, but based on what she has told everyone, I would say it's less than evens that anything will happen this year." And also, "People talk to her all the time about Harry, and she gets quite cross and says 'I don't want to get married yet.'"

That doesn't mean, however, that Cressida isn't there for her royal boyfriend. When naked pictures of him partying in Las Vegas broke, her friends say she helped him through it: "She had a heart-to-heart with her family who told her Harry would be very lonely and very upset, and if she still wanted him as a boyfriend, she should grab him and take him off somewhere, and that's what she did — they went to stay with her aunt." She also got him to quit smoking.

While the pair have been dating for two years, Harry is down with playing the role of "Waity Katie" this time. Evidence he's smitten is mounting. It includes:

  • He's texting her a lot — with emojis. We bet he likes the princess one.
  • He may bring her to Balmoral castle in the Summer to meet the queen. A trip there is the standard rite of passage for anyone involved in a royal relationship and could be a sign that Harry may pop the question.
  • He lets loose with her. Harry brought Cressida to a hipster bowling alley recently and used the name "Ginger Queen" on the scoreboard.
  • She was — in fact — invited to Prince George's christening. According to reports, Kate extended an invite to Cressida, but Cressida declined as to not distract from the family moment. Cressida is also, apparently, a big fan of Carole Middleton.

As for Kate, she has been supportive according to royal watchers, putting any past reluctance behind her. Cressida's half-sister Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe was once romantically linked to Prince William — apparently he had an unrequited crush on her back in the day. In 2007, other "sources" reported that Isabella was the one woman Kate "simply could not bear." Today, she is an actress, and she married Sam Branson, Sir Richard Branson's son, earlier this year. Maybe they'll all be one big happy royal family soon.