Prince Harry Pictures in the Bahamas

Prince Harry Looks Hot in a Tan Suit For His Latest Stop in the Bahamas

Prince Harry wearing a tan suit.

Prince Harry continued his tour of the Bahamas at a youth rally held inside Nassau's National Stadium this afternoon. The Prince is traveling on behalf of his grandmother the queen as she gears up to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee this year. Harry made a first appearance in Nassau yesterday, when he visited with children and spoke in Rawson Square.

He was back among kids for his latest outing, which included more time in front of the microphone. Harry, after recovering speech papers blown away by a troublesome gust of wind, addressed the crowd saying, "I know Her Majesty would wish me to extend her personal encouragement to you all in your endeavors, whether they be in education, civic and community activities, or in the sporting arena." Harry's travels haven't been all about royal duties, though. Harry partied and danced during a stay in Belize last week, and there might be more time for fun as he continues on to Jamaica and Brazil in the coming days.

Source: Getty

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