Prince Harry at Walking With the Wounded Event | Photos

Prince Harry Gets Back to Royal Work as the Queen Makes a Special Visit

Prince Harry arrived at the Walking With the Wounded gala dinner.

Prince Harry got into a tux to attend the Walking With the Wounded gala dinner in London yesterday. He has been a longtime supporter of the Walking With the Wounded charity organization, which supports the training and education of wounded servicemen and women. Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William have all been big patrons of the charity, and Harry even announced back in April that he will take part in the group's trek to the South Pole in November to help raise additional funds. Harry's charity support came ahead of the queen's news that she will continue with her planned visit to the Woolwich barracks today. The visit has a special meaning, as the barracks are where Drummer Lee Rigby was housed before he was killed in the tragic Woolwich attacks on May 22. The queen's appearance was already planned before the tragedy took place.

As for Harry, he has been pumping up his royal duties alongside Kate and William. Prince Harry recently visited the US for a week-long official tour and he opened a new Help For Heroes recovery center alongside his brother on May 20.

Source: Rex USA