Prince Harry Wet Pictures Dancing at a Croatian Club

Prince Harry Falls Fully Clothed Into a Pool During a Wild Night Out in Croatia!

Prince Harry danced while sopping wet at the Veneranda nightclub in Hvar, Croatia.


Prince Harry partied in Croatia over the weekend, spending Saturday night out with friends at an open-air nightclub. He was on the island of Hvar for dancing and drinks at Veneranda, which, despite having a VIP section, Harry enjoyed from the main area. Harry proved why he's the royal with the party-boy reputation when he fell into a pool with all his clothes on, then proceeded to keep dancing on a ledge despite being soaking wet! He was reportedly seen later in a borrowed tee with his button-down wrapped around his waist. Harry flew to Croatia with friends earlier that morning on an EasyJet flight — he's the latest in his family to fly a budget carrier, after William and Kate took a Flybe plane from Manchester back home to Wales following Zara Phillips's July wedding. Harry wrapped up things at the club and headed back with his pals to their temporary accommodation on a yacht docked off the island. His lodgings will likely be less luxurious in the coming months when he heads to America. Prince Harry is confirmed for a stay in Arizona and California, where he'll train on Apache helicopters at US bases.