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Prince William's Most Delightfully Dorky Moments

Jun 13 2014 - 7:30pm

Prince William may have been a superhot teen idol [1] in his younger days, but over the years, he has slowly morphed into a lovable, if sometimes dorky, father. From his silly sartorial moments to those endearing (if you want to call them that) dance moves, first-time dad William [2] has proved that he has what it takes to comfortably settle into the sometimes not-so-cool elements of fatherhood. Hey, would Prince George really want a "cool" dad, anyway?

Source: Getty / Samir Hussein [3]

There's the Time a Little Girl Rejected His Kiss

Source: ITN [4]

And When He Tried to Rock a Cowboy Hat

He Also Gave a Really Awkward High Five to Tinie Tempah

Source: BBC [5]

Then He Showed Off His Dancing Skills . . .

Source: The Telegraph [6]

Oh God, the Dancing . . .

Source: The Telegraph [7]

Stop It, William!

Source: BBC [8]

Then He Tried to Jam With Jon Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift

And Who Could Forget When He Tried to Brush His Shoulders Off?

Don't Worry Wills, It's Hard For Anyone to Look Good in Snorkeling Gear

He Could Use a Few Pointers on How to Properly Do the Wave

Source: NBC [9]

William, You Just Can't Look Cool Deejaying in a Suit and Tie

That Also Goes For Spray-Painting on Walls

Hey, What Did We Say About the Dancing, William?

Source: WDR [10]

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