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Prince George Photo Ops We're Hoping For — Inspired by Baby William!

Apr 6 2014 - 3:30am

The world learned a lot about Prince William on his first royal tour back in 1983. While the baby royal was down under in Australia and New Zealand, royal watchers discovered his family nickname (Wills) and that he was quite the quick crawler at 10 months old. Just like his dad, Prince George is going down under for his first official tour overseas. And he's just about the same age William was when he made the trip with Prince Charles and Princess Diana. If we're lucky, we'll get some of the same photo ops, too, so we can compare them side by side. Here are a few we're hoping for!

The Nanny Shot

Prince William was carried out of the plane by his nanny Barbara Barnes upon arriving in New Zealand. Will and Kate are also bringing a nanny [1], and George will spend most of his time with her in three "hub" locations while Will and Kate travel more. While we don't expect to see her carrying George upon his arrival (that has to be Kate, right?!), we would love to see the two together!

The "Look How Big He Is!" Shot

Everyone agreed that Prince William had grown during his five weeks down under. We'd love to see a farewell snap of George at the end of his three-week sojourn, so we can see how he's changed.

The "OMG Is He Going to Walk?" Shot

During a photo op, Prince William put his crawling skills on display. Let's see what Georgie has to offer.

The Family Photo

This photograph of Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince Charles, and Prince William's toy airplane is definitely a framer. A similar one of the duke and duchess will look perfect in another frame next to it.

The Airport Candid

We need a photo of the jet-setting mother-and-son duo. Whose outfit will sell out faster? Kate's or George's?

The Video

We won't be satisfied with just pics! We're hoping an appearance with baby George will be recorded on film, as well. In this clip, you can hear Prince William ooh and ah, along with the chatter of his proud parents.

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