Prince William and Kate Middleton's Official Canadian Tour Photos 2011-06-23 08:46:06

Prince William and Kate Middleton Shine in the Official Photos For Their Canadian Tour!

Prince William and Kate Middleton smiling in photos for Canadian tour.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's official photos for their Canadian tour have been released! In the images, Kate wears the same blue suit she sported on a visit to the Darwen Aldridge Community Academy in Northwestern England on April 11. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will kick off their tour of the nation a week from today. Stops on their itinerary will include Montreal, Quebec City, Calgary, and more until July 8, when they head to the US! William and Kate will be in the States for just two days and will make various social appearances around Hollywood to advance British interests. Meanwhile, rumors about their siblings seem to persist. A Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton romance seems unlikely, but the duo apparently have nicknames for each other already.

Chris Jackson — Photographer Getty Images