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Product Review: Neutrogena SkinID Treatment Solutions

In case you guys haven't heard, Neutrogena has come out with a new line called SkinID, a personalized skincare treatment solution that is available exclusively online or by phone.

Here's what the website has to say about the product:

skin iD understands that your skin isn’t like anyone else’s. That’s why we’ve created the first personalized acne solution of its kind for a whole new way to fight breakouts. By using the latest advances in acne-fighting technology, the experts at Neutrogena Dermatologics developed an intelligent skin iD™ Evaluation that asks all the right questions about your unique skin, acne type and lifestyle. Based on your individual responses, we’re able to recommend a personalized skin iD regimen perfectly matched to your unique skin needs.

I had the opportunity to get the system at a major discount, so I decided to give it a shot. How it works is, you fill out an evaluation about your skin, the kind of products you currently use, and your lifestyle, and it gives you a treatment solution - a group of products that you can purchase (regular price for the package is $39.90).

I filled out the evaluation and a few days later received my products.

Now, I have combination skin that tends to get oilier in summer, and they'd sent me the oily skin products. I received a face wash, an all-over acne treatment, and some cleansing pads, and a sample acne spot treatment, and a free cosmetic bag in the color of my choice (green).

So, when I got the products, I was immediately disappointed. The face wash, spot-treatment, and cleansing pads all had the active ingredient of 2% salicylic acid, and the all-over treatment had the active ingredient of benzoyl peroxide. Um, okay. How is that different from ANY anti-acne treatment? You can get Clearasil or Oxy pads with salicylic acid for $5, or Clean & Clear astringent with the same ingredient for $6. And I have a Noxzema cleanser with benzoyl peroxide that cost just a few bucks as well.

But since I already had it, I figured I'd try it out. I washed my face with the cleanser and then used the all-over treatment VERY lightly on my skin. And within two minutes my skin felt SO tight and dry that I had to SLATHER moisturizer all over. I mean, I would have moisturized anyway, but my skin has never felt that tight before.

So that's that. I'm glad I got it at such a discount because I'd have been pissed if I paid full price for glorified drugstore products, and drying ones at that.

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tomkat32654 tomkat32654 4 years
Do NOT buy, product works as well as OTC and the customer service is HORRIBLE.
Rashed-Khan Rashed-Khan 4 years
Interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.
Talulah22 Talulah22 5 years
neutrogena grapefruit wash worked very well on my skin but the skin id is just crap.(by the way I have semi sensitive skin.)
christine4361 christine4361 6 years
The product didnt work for my daughter... that doesnt mean it's a bad product. The problem I had was getting a hold of customer service to cancel it. I kept trying several times and would get busy signals which a customer service rep there named Kirbi said no one had complained about that but me. She cancelled the subscription and would not give me credit for a shipment I just received even after I offered to ship back.... she basically said I could but it was a waste of my time. She was trying to get me upset so she could hang up on me. She wouldnt let you finish a sentence... very rude! I will never buy a product from that company again.
alexarae alexarae 6 years
Pretty pricey for ingredients you find in everything. I took their quiz, got my results, and bought similar products for $11.60 including tax. And it's already working better than any routine I've tried. I guess I just didn't know what I needed!
jellybeans1 jellybeans1 6 years
well i ordered this product and received it just last thursday. i was excited to try it because neutrogena products usually work alright for me. i've tried proactive in the past and although it worked at first for me, like others, it stopped after a couple months. my skin regimen for skinID is 14.32.72 like a lot of other people but i don't think it's a scam! the first night that i used it my skin was already softer and i noticed that the blackheads on my nose were gone by the next day. i wasn't sure how many times a day to use it but i just stuck with night time before bed. i did get 2 or 3 pimples from the product after the first night but i think that it's just getting the impurities out because they're starting to go away. i found that the cream cleanser also smells really good, like cucumbers actually! and the bottles are pretty big. also, the spot treatment worked very well. i put it on at night and it stung a little bit but by morning the pimples were very visibly shrunken and i am very happy with all the products i've received! you should give it a try! :)
ervinster ervinster 6 years
I'm sorry that this product didn't work for you and that you're disappointed, but this product worked WONDERS for me!!! I've used so many products before, but this one really has been working. Just because it has ONE of the same features as previous products, doesn't mean it's exactly the same. Don't diss this wonderful product merely because it didn't work for you.
tiger1640 tiger1640 6 years
chrissibabez chrissibabez 6 years
I purchased this product about 3 months ago, and AFTER paying for it and everything, I looked into these consumer reports and immediately was nervous about my decision based on a lot of bad reports about it. However, I actually LOVE this product and it's the only product that I've ever received consistent results with. It didn't work immediately. It seemed like it took about a week for everything in my pores to actually work its way out before I started seeing results, but since then I have had increasingly smooth, acne-free skin. I really am happy that I found this product and took the risk of signing up for it. I hope this helps other people who are teens to early 20s like myself. (I'm 22)
daddysgirl526 daddysgirl526 6 years
mine is 14.32.72 lotta ppl got 32 for the middle number ohh well some one on here got same as me and it works for them im going to order mine this week. Hopefully I will post a good review soon if not its money back so I dont loose anything at all
starnightkisses starnightkisses 6 years
I actually tried Proactiv and it didn't do a single thing other than dry out my face. I also tried neutrogena's version of proactive, I think it's called acne skin therapy. I used that for about 3 months and it helped a little, but it still made my skin very dry. So I thought if that neutrogena product helped out a bit, maybe a "personalized" neutrogena product would do the trick. I took the evaluation and my number is 25.32.72...I saw some posts about how you'll always get one of the numbers to be 32, but I don't think it matters what number you get, it's about where you get it...I think I'll research a bit more before I is 50 bucks...the proactive was $35 and the acne skin therapy was only $20
ashley125 ashley125 6 years
why would you be "disappointed" or surprised at the percentage of salicylic acid, when after completing the skin id evaluation, you are told how much salicylic acid is in the products. why would you have bought them in the first place?....doesn't make sense to me.
Farmgirl22cc Farmgirl22cc 7 years
I have not tried the product, but I have taken the test various times, and a couple times I choose the opposite that were right, and I got something LIKE 7.32.9 and my original answers were 14.32.72 32 is still there when I ansewred COMPLETELY opposite answers. So I think it's a bit of a scam, but I really don't know, because I have not tried it.... Take the test yourself and you'll see that it's IMPOSSIBLE to not have 32 be one of your numbers.
ememme ememme 7 years
I have not tried the product yet but I am in the process of ordering it now. I've seen a couple bad reviews but overall they are good. I dont think everyone's skin id is the same, mine is 12.40.32. I am hopeful because I have used like, EVERYTHING in the past with no results.. most of the time everything works for about a week then starts getting worse, I'll try to comeback once I have the product and share my experience :-)
jenthibodeau jenthibodeau 7 years
This product did not help my skin at all actually it made it worse.I used it for about 2 weeks. My face was oily all the time. I canceled my account thru e-mail and a phone call and today they charged my bank account and they are trying to say that I did not cancel so they dont have to give me a refund. Lousy Customer service. In my opinion your better off buying an over the counter treatment at least they don't keep charging your account.
Solyplaya Solyplaya 7 years
I started using SkinID and my face broke out for over a week! I thought maybe it was just getting the impurities out, but it continued for days so I stopped using it. I wasnt too upset...sometimes things work better for other people. What got my blood boiling is that I was charged again for the product and when I called their customer service, they were rude and refused to reverse the charges even though I had not even received the product. I will NEVER!! use any Neutrogena product again.
gtivr682 gtivr682 7 years
This is the WORSE product I have ever tried DO NOT GET SUCKED IN COMPLETE RIP OFF!!! You will be very sorry if you spend your money on this, I should have listened to all the reviews here!!
shoeguy82 shoeguy82 7 years
After getting your evaluation you can take the info straight to your local Walmart and find the same products with the same directions from Neutrogena. And since most of them are priced around $5-6 each at Walmart you'll save money and can always return them. For example, it was recommended I get the 3.5% benzoyl peroxide cream cleanser/mask and 2.0% salicylic acid pads. The exact same cleanser/mask with the 3.5% concentration is about $5.50 at Walmart and you can get the pads in the same aisle. My girlfriend took the evaluation and was recommended products exactly like what she uses or can be found anywhere. I feel this is just slick marketing to people who think you need a degree in chemistry to take care of your skin.
momluver96 momluver96 7 years
I've noticed that all of the bad reviews come from people who haven't tried the product...I am not saying you are wrong, but why not give it a chance? You never know, it just might suggestion would be to call up the com[any and get some help with the evaluation...make sure you get your perfect prescription.
momluver96 momluver96 7 years
oops, I meant clear skin!! Thinking and typing at the same time...def a blonde!
momluver96 momluver96 7 years
oops, I meant clear skin!! Thinking and typing at the same time...def a blonde!
momluver96 momluver96 7 years
When I saw the commercial for this product, I thought, "What an amazing idea! I can finally have free skin!" I jumped up and immediately ran to my computer to connect to skiniD. I am excited because my mom said that if I started drinking water, I could get my skin care products. I don't know, however, how long the kit lasts! Can someone please tell me? Thanks
didi123 didi123 7 years
I was skeptical at first because it seems like the same old acne products and it did dry my skin out and make it pretty tight and red for a few days. But I have been using for about a month now, and I love it! It really does work. I didn't think it would work on my huge nodular acne, but it cleared it right up. My skin stays oil free all day, its totally smooth and healthy. The spot treatment is great too, I started getting a pimple and it sent it on its way in one day! It must be the combo of benzayl and salicylic acid, and what ever the rest of the ingredients they use. I tried proactive, and it didn't work for me, but this stuff is amazing, I love it and I'm sooo glad I tried it.
brista brista 7 years
Well, my personalized SkinID number is ALSO 14-32-72. Hmmmm..
person26 person26 7 years
this stuff really works good, if you dont think it works it could because you filled out the survey wrong or you arent following all the directions they gave you it worked very good on me and my face is still clear when i dont use it.
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