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The Queen Isn't Too Queen-y to Drive Her Own Car

Jun 8 2014 - 4:51am

Queen Elizabeth II followed royal protocol on Wednesday when she gave a speech at the State Opening of Parliament [1] in London. But she's not always doing such queen-like things. In fact, she's had many less-than-regal moments mixed in with her very royal duties over the years.

Most: When She Rode a Horse in Uniform

Least: When She Drove Her Own Car

Most: When She Wore a Cloak and Feathered Hat

Least: When She Went Casual in This Outfit

Most: When She Inspected Her Troops

Least: When She Watched Interpretive Dance

Most: When She Toasted at a Banquet

Least: When She Talked at a Radio Station

Most: When She Waved From the Balcony of Buckingham Palace

Least: When She Used Binoculars

Most: When She Stood at a Podium to Speak

Least: When She Wore 3D Glasses

Most: When She Was Showered With Flowers

Least: When She Rummaged Through Her Purse

Most: When She Presented This Man With a Medal

Least: When She Applied Lipstick in Public

Most: When She Entertained a Foreign Dignity

Least: When She Picked Up a Tennis Racket

Most: When She Rode in a Gilded Carriage

Least: When She Rode in an Elevator

Most: When She Sat on This Throne

Least: When She Shoveled Dirt

Most: When She Was Covered in Red Velvet

Least: When She Showed Leg Getting Out of a Car

Most: When She Signed This Important Book

Least: When She Browsed Fish at a Market

Most: When She Traveled by Horse and Carriage

Least: When She Rode on a Golf Cart

Most: When She Got Curtsied To

Least: When She Knelt Down to Pet This Dog

Most: When She Wore All These Jewels

Least: When She Held Her Own Umbrella

Most: When She Spoke During This Dinner

Least: When She Cracked Up With Kate Middleton

Most: When This Many People Came to Her Garden Party

Least: When She Wandered Through a Gym

Most: When She Visited a Naval Ship

Least: When She Walked on a Pool Deck

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