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The Queen's Most — and Least! — Royal Moments Through the Years

Apr 21 2015 - 10:05am

Queen Elizabeth II turns 89 on Tuesday, and while she's been queen for more than 60 of those years, she's had her fair share of not-so-royal moments — she even drives her own car! Scroll through to see the queen at her most and least royal, and then check out 12 things you might not know about her royal highness [1].

Most: When She Rode a Horse in Uniform

Least: When She Drove Her Own Car

Most: When She Wore a Cloak and Feathered Hat

Least: When She Went Casual in This Outfit

Most: When She Inspected Her Troops

Least: When She Watched Interpretive Dance

Most: When She Toasted at a Banquet

Least: When She Talked at a Radio Station

Most: When She Waved From the Balcony of Buckingham Palace

Least: When She Used Binoculars

Most: When She Stood at a Podium to Speak

Least: When She Wore 3D Glasses

Most: When She Was Showered With Flowers

Least: When She Rummaged Through Her Purse

Most: When She Presented This Man With a Medal

Least: When She Applied Lipstick in Public

Most: When She Entertained a Foreign Dignitary

Least: When She Picked Up a Tennis Racket

Most: When She Rode in a Gilded Carriage

Least: When She Rode in an Elevator

Most: When She Sat on This Throne

Least: When She Shoveled Dirt

Most: When She Was Covered in Red Velvet

Least: When She Showed Leg Getting Out of a Car

Most: When She Signed This Important Book

Least: When She Browsed Fish at a Market

Most: When She Traveled by Horse and Carriage

Least: When She Rode on a Golf Cart

Most: When She Got Curtsied To

Least: When She Knelt Down to Pet This Dog

Most: When She Wore All These Jewels

Least: When She Held Her Own Umbrella

Most: When She Spoke During This Dinner

Least: When She Cracked Up With Kate Middleton

Most: When This Many People Came to Her Garden Party

Least: When She Wandered Through a Gym

Most: When She Visited a Naval Ship

Least: When She Walked on a Pool Deck

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