Quotes From Dakota Fanning at The Runaways Press Junket 2010-03-17 04:00:00

Dakota Fanning Tells Us About Channeling Cherie Currie For The Runaways

Dakota Fanning smiled for fans before joining Kristen Stewart yesterday at the NYC press junket for their film The Runaways. While Kristen was content to talk about new friends and Joan Jett's racy words of wisdom on guitar playing, Dakota was more interested in sharing about her career and how she prepped for the role of Cherie Currie. Between playing with her many gold bracelets and laughing with Kristen, Dakota said:

  • On her friendship with Kristen: "I didn’t know that it would be so hard to talk about when your friend is right here! I can’t do it, I don’t know why!"
  • On overcoming insecurities: "I think we all have our insecurities. I mean, for Cherie onstage, she’s a completely different person than she was offstage. And still to this day, she’s kept that vulnerability and that innocence. I don’t really know exactly what her insecurities are, but I think we all have them and that’s something you have to figure out for yourself. I don’t know if I have any advice, though, that will help anyone with their insecurities because I have some of my own."
  • On her career goals: I just want to keep doing what I love to do. I don’t know that I have anywhere specifically where I want to take my career. It’s just what I love. It’s the only thing I know how to do — it’s the only thing that I feel like I’m okay at. I just want to keep going. I hope that people continue to want me to be in their movies and to bring stories like this to life. "

To read what Dakota says about heading into the studio to record The Runaways music, channeling Cherie, and how she thinks her younger fans will take to the role, just read more.

  • On being nervous about going into the studio to record the music: “I was definitely nervous but I didn’t think that any other way would be acceptable. I thought the only way to go was to record songs, if I was able to and if I had the voice to do it. I was really excited about getting to do that, but very nervous at the same time. It was just kind of — thrown in a record studio and that was it, that’s what you hear in the movie and what’s on the soundtrack. I don’t’ think I really realized that until I was there, and suddenly it was over, and I thought we would re-record them a bunch of times, but nope! That was it. Which was probably good, because that’s actually how they recorded them. They were just thrown in there and only did it a couple of times."
  • On how she got into the character of Cherie: "I don’t know if there was anything specific that I was thinking. I think when you love something so much, and you love the character — Cherie has become my friend and has inspired me so much in my own life — you want to be the best that you can for them. Because a lot of people don’t know who Cherie is, and this is going to be maybe their only way of knowing her story. It is a lot of pressure, I guess, but it was good pressure. It was exciting and a challenge. I just think when you know a character so well, you just know what to do."
  • On if her young fans will get this role: “The younger audiences, their only way of knowing The Runaways will be through this film. And maybe that will lead them to go back and listen to the music or watch the Live in Japan videos. I mean, I didn’t know who The Runaways were when I first read the script. I didn’t know who Cherie Currie was and what her story was — people obviously know Joan Jett, but they don’t know Cherie.”