Rachel Bilson and Boyfriend Hayden Christensen at the Airport

Rachel and Hayden Keep It X-Treme

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen arrived back at LAX last night looking a little grumpy after spending their weekend in Aspen at the X-Games. The duo was there to smile on camera for ESPN while out promoting their movie Jumper at the snowboarding big air competition (though I hear Miss Bilson didn't look too happy to be there when it was was her turn to be on camera). Between this and the constant reminders of the movie's sponsoring just about everything from timeouts to replays during the NFL playoff games, it's clear that the studio is trying to go after the sport-loving crowd. Call me biased, but the more I see previews for Jumper, the cooler it looks — but it won't take much to get me to shell out the opening weekend bucks to support little (future movie star?) Summer Roberts.