Rachel Bilson Nylon Magazine Cover 2011

Rachel Bilson Mixes Up Her Look and Talks Homebody Habits For Nylon

Rachel Bilson on the cover of Nylon.

Rachel Bilson layered up for the cover of Nylon's November America issue. Rachel is known as well for her style as she is for her acting work, and the actress opened up about her fashion sense — and even shared the contents of her Chloe purse! — in the magazine. Rachel's currently starring in the CW series Hart of Dixie, but when she's not working, she admits to being quite the homebody. Here's more from Rachel Bilson in Nylon:

  • On the contents of her huge Chloe bag: "I feel like Mary Poppins! Look at this, I have a bra in here! All right, let's see what else is here: makeup remover, Advil, nail accessories. . . . Oh! I have socks and a pen in here, too! My wallet, sunglasses, my call sheet, checkbook. . . . I have some Mexican jumping beans! You never know when you may need them!"
  • On being a homebody: "I'm all about Netflix and ordering Teen Mom on iTunes. I go to bed at nine! I'm not as interested in going out and partying at night anymore; I'm more set in my ways. I know I sound like an 80-year-old."
  • On her fashion sense as a child: "I always had to dress myself, which is very interesting when you're two. My poor mom. There was this one dress, it was my favorite — it was really colorful and big and ridiculous. I wore it until it fell apart. I was a very bossy fashionista when I was three. I feel like if I ever have a daughter, there is going to be some sweet revenge placed on me because of how I was as a kid."