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Rachel Bilson in Seventeen

Rachel Bilson Goes Fresh and '80s in Seventeen

R-Bils covers galore! After the slightly skeevy GQ look and cuter Lucky cover, I think I'm going to say that Rachel Bilson's February Seventeen spread is definitely my favorite. My 12-year-old self feeling all cool reading Seventeen is especially thrilled about it. For the photoshoot Bilson got back to her '80s-baby roots with the look, which I can't help but love. Inside the magazine she got a little bit girly and a little bit candid talking about mom time and boys (yes, even Adam, sigh). Here are highlights:

  • On having a mom who is a couples' counselor: “You know, as a kid, you’re not as willing to be open with your mother just because you’re younger and not as mature and you don’t realize that it’s actually a good thing to do. Now that I’m older, I talk to her about anything. But I think she’s a little bit more willing to talk to me about things — where I’m still like, ‘Ugh, Mom! Come on!’”
  • On dating costars: “You know, a lot of people don’t like to date people they work with. But I think that you can’t help who you like — it’s as simple as that. When you’re surrounded by people, it just becomes more of a thing: You’re probably gonna like someone you work with or whatever, because you get to spend more time with that person. You get to know that person — you really can’t help it. I don’t think there are any rules.”
  • On keeping her relationships private: “With Adam, we tried never to put it in anyone’s face. We never took pictures together, and we never really talked about our relationship until maybe a couple years into it. I think it took a while to talk about it at all. I don’t like to talk about that personal stuff — romantic stuff — it’s just too personal, and a lot of that is so exposed. But you want to keep certain things to yourself. It’s not like I have any secrets: I just choose not to talk about certain things.”

Only a few more weeks until we get to see R-Bils with her boy Hayden in Jumper — I'm so keeping my fingers crossed that it's good. Either way, I gotta believe there's a whole new group of girls just a little too young to remember The OC learning to love Bilson outside of Summer Roberts. To check out her full interview, don't forget to pick up the magazine on newsstands!





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