Rachel Zoe Interview About Dressing Her Son Skyler

Rachel Zoe Says "Dressing My Son Is the Highlight of My Day"!

Rachel Zoe and husband Rodger Berman.

Rachel Zoe was in NYC yesterday for a press event supporting a new line of lipsticks called Exude. She had her husband, Rodger Berman, there as well, along with their The Rachel Zoe Project buddy, makeup artist Joey Maalouf. We managed to snag a minute with Rachel to chat about her beauty tips — stay tuned for that on Bella later — as well as some thoughts on her designing a children's line and what she likes to see her baby son, Skyler, wear. Skyler himself didn't attend the bash since he was off enjoying time with Rachel's mom! Rachel told us:

  • On designing children's clothes: "I honestly don't know, I can't imagine that I won't do something with baby clothes. I just can't imagine not doing it, because it's just so intriguing to me right now because dressing my son is the highlight of my day. In the morning it's just so much fun . . . and as soon as he's old enough to realize that he's old enough to have Gucci and Missoni in the closet I am ripping out the labels because I don't want him to get wrapped up in that. But right now, for me, it's so much fun. I mean, listen, I didn't have a girl so I have to play dress up with my son for as long as I can."
  • On what she likes him in best: "Everything is so cute on him! Little rompers and onesies and little jackets and the cardigans! You can't imagine. The Missoni sweater on him — you have no idea — it melts my heart! And he sits in his little Missoni stroller with the Missoni blanket. I'm a Missoni lover."
Source: WireImage