Rachel Zoe Pictures Celebrating Her Hamptons Magazine Cover

Rachel Zoe Dishes on What Famous Clients Cameron, Kate, and Jen Have Taught Her

Rachel Zoe celebrates her Hamptons magazine party.

Rachel Zoe spent the past weekend out at the beach on Long Island, and on Saturday she dressed up to celebrate being on the cover of Hamptons magazine's September issue at the restaurant Georgica. She was decked out in an outfit from her namesake resort collection to pose with her husband, Rodger Berman, as well as pals Debra Halpert and Samantha Yanks. Rachel and Rodger's young son Skyler, however, didn't go along for the late bash. There was another reason to raise a glass — Rachel's e-newsletter, The Zoe Report, reached its two-year milestone on Friday! Rachel spoke about her fashion endeavors, famous clients, and growing family in the Hamptons issue with her polo player friend Nacho Figueras, who joined her and Rodger last weekend at a Baby Buggy event with Gwyneth Paltrow and the Seinfelds. Rachel said:

  • On learning from her famous clients: "From someone like Anne Hathaway, I learn a lot about culture and music and arts because she is such a culture rat; she makes me want to go to the theater and read more books. With someone like Kate Hudson, she really inspires me to be much more free-spirited and not so planned and controlling. And Cameron Diaz — she is effortlessly cool and very confident in who she is. Jennifer Garner, I think the best lesson I have learned from her is how to balance both jobs — as a mother and as someone working in Hollywood — and how to really keep your priorities straight. She is an extraordinary, very grounded person who exemplifies how to be a working mother."
  • On motherhood changing her style: "It changed in the sense that instead of taking 15 minutes to get ready, I now have about three minutes, so I find that I have to be a bit more practical. I still want to look good, but I can’t wear clothes that have a lot of zippers and buttons and things that will hurt the baby because I’m holding him all day. I find I’m dressing a lot more simply by day, and then at night, I can kind of do my normal thing a little bit more."
  • On her relationship with Rodger: "Rodger is amazing. We are loving parenthood, and the fact that we are business partners as well really works, because we take Skyler to the office and he is like our company mascot. He is just an incredible father, and he loves feeding him and bathing him; he is really hands-on. We have never been happier — but never been more tired, either."
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