Rachel Zoe Shopping With Jeremiah Brent Pictures

Rachel Zoe Brings Her Shopping Buddies Skyler and Jeremiah Out on Black Friday

Jeremiah Brent shopping with Rachel Zoe and Skyler.

Rachel Zoe braved the crowds with baby Skyler during a Black Friday outing in Beverly Hills yesterday. Her husband Rodger Berman joined them, as did her assistant Jeremiah Brent. The group checked out the Gap and stopped into Starbucks for a warm drink as they enjoyed a busy day of shopping. Rachel observed Thanksgiving with family at her LA home and Jeremiah got in on the holiday fun when he stopped by to give Rachel's niece Sophie a few interior design tips. Jeremiah had even more to celebrate on Thursday since it was also his birthday. He's a new addition to the team, though it looks like he's fitting right in on one of Rachel's regular retail adventures.