Rachel Zoe Shops With Joey Maalouf and Skyler Berman Pictures

Rachel Zoe Shops With Her Guys and Gets an Applause From Skyler

Rachel Zoe's best friend, Joey Maalouf, held onto baby Skyler.

Rachel Zoe browsed through some of her regular shopping spots in Beverly Hills yesterday. The stylist was joined by her husband Rodger Berman, son Skyler, and best friend, and makeup artist, Joey Maalouf. The foursome enjoyed some fresh air and celebrated Rachel's latest fashion accomplishment. She was named on the list of The Hollywood Reporter's hottest stylists with the task of dressing A-list clientele. Rachel was photographed for the magazine with her pride and joy, Skyler.

Following their stroll the group dined out in LA where Joey ordered a sweet treat that came delivered to their table accompanied with a dollop of whipped cream. Joey gave Skyler his first taste of the sweet topping and the 1-year-old loved it so much he even applauded! Skyler's approaching his first birthday on March 22 so there could be more delicious baked goods heading his way.

Source: WENN.com