Rachel Zoe, Skyler Berman and Joey Maalouf at Lunch Pictures

Rachel Zoe Has Skyler as Her Lunch Date and Grocery Shopping Partner

Rachel Zoe and Skyler Berman shared a moment.

Rachel Zoe stepped out with her son Skyler Berman to meet her friend and makeup artist Joey Maalouf for lunch yesterday. The trio met up at the Newsroom on Robertson Boulevard in LA, a favorite restaurant of Rachel's. Before heading out for a bite, the stylish mom shared a picture of her look for the day, which featured a handbag by The Row and a Burberry jacket. After lunch, Skyler and Rachel bid goodbye to Joey and headed to Whole Foods to stock up on groceries. Rachel has settled back into her daily routine in recent days, lunching with Joey twice and meeting up with her Rachel Zoe, Inc. team, after a busy Oscar weekend. Rachel put in an appearance at Vanity Fair's Academy Awards party in a dress of her own design with husband Rodger Berman by her side. She also put her styling skills to work in a new way this award season, designing Oscar-themed window displays for Tiffany & Co. flagship stores in cities including Hong Kong and Beverly Hills.