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The Very Emotional Roller Coaster of Spring's Arrival

Apr 3 2014 - 1:30pm

Ugh, Spring can be such a tease. After the very challenging, snowy Winter [1] that so many of us endured, that glimmer of sunny, Spring-y hope can inspire some truly life-changing joy — until, um, it's snowing again. Sound familiar? For anyone who's dealt with the sometimes crushing, sometimes thrilling ups and downs of the season's arrival, here's a GIF-worthy account of what it's like to welcome Spring.

Source: Paramount Pictures [2]

For a while you're like, "Who needs Spring? Winter's my favorite!"

But then it just snows.

And snows and snows.

It's cold, and you're moody, and you start to see the world differently.

Suddenly nothing is going your way.

There's no consoling you.

You decide you hate all your friends from California, or maybe you just hate everyone.

And nobody seems to understand.

Mother Nature is your biggest enemy.

Source: MTV [2]

Until — wait . . . wait, is that the sun?

It's warm! It's really, really warm!

Or maybe the temperature's just above freezing, but either way, you're dreaming big.

You're dancing in the streets! You're basically made of sunshine!

But then — no. Nonononono.

Is that . . . more snow? This can't be happening.

It's SPRING, and it's SNOWING.

You're up in arms, distraught, begging the heat not to leave.

You can't eat, you can't sleep.

(Ha, just kidding. You can always eat.)

But, ugh, it's miserable. You decide to hibernate.

Eventually, the snow turns to rain, but when it starts to feel warmer, you're afraid to get too excited.

But then, hooray! At long last, the warm weather stays.

All is right in the world again.

Nothing can stop you now!

There's a breeze in your hair, and nature's your new BFF.

You laugh about Winter, cracking jokes about the cold.

All that matters is that Spring is here! Spring is here!

Time. To. Celebrate.

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