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Reese Checks the Tabs Before Hitting the Store

Reese didn't mind getting caught in the rain, or by the paparazzi, while taking a walk in LA this week. Constantly having the whole world following you and your personal life must get tiring, but Reese seems remarkably upbeat about the press. Unfortunately, though, it's not as easy for her kids to ignore what the tabloids are saying. She says in her Harper's interview:

"I've had interesting experiences with the paparazzi recently when they've been apologetic about taking my picture," she says. For now, though, she and her children will go to the grocery store only during weeks when Mommy and Daddy aren't on the cover of the gossip rags.

It's good that she protects little Ava and Deacon while they're still so young. There's no need just yet for those cuties to learn how harsh the media can be!





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