Reese demonstrated that it's not all about gorgeous gowns all the time. The actress proves she can still look great while picking up a few items with a friend from Fred Segal. Reese has always seemed like a girl's-girl but after her Harper's interview it's clear her friends are also some of her biggest fans. Here's more from her Harper's interview:

  • If I have to say anything about myself, I'm a really good girlfriend," she says with a funny little grin, dragging out her vowels to get a laugh. "And I give away a lot of shoes. It's really nice to be me. And it's really nice to be my friend who has the same shoe size.
  • Selma Blair, another former costar and an early LA neighbor, adds, "When I was going through my divorce, she was always there for me. There was one day when I was pretty blue, and she came over to my house trying to get me out of my mourning frock. She's the kind of woman who will come over and look through your closet and help you pick out clothes, do your makeup, that kind of thing. And she was so shocked that I didn't have any red lipstick. She said, 'Selma, we have to to get you a red lipstick and a short dress' I have to say that I went out and got two red lipsticks after that."

Designer shoes or not, Reese obviously knows how to cheer up a friend, so we're sure they were all there for her during her tough times too. A little girl time is the perfect remedy for a broken heart, but it sounds like Reese already knows that much.