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Reese and Jake Could Chauffeur Deacon's Dreams

Reese and Jake Could Chauffeur Deacon's Dreams

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal were getting all giggly together in their car around LA over the weekend. It's been nonstop smiles for these two since they first went public, and their range of emotions is way cuter together than when they were keeping it all hush hush alone. With the holiday season coming right up (Thanksgiving is next week already?) I wonder if there will be some family time or parent meeting for these two? If turkey day is not their speed, little Deacon should be happy to provide anyone and everyone with pizza. Reese recently said that her son wanted to be a pizza delivery guy when he grows up, prompting Pizza Hut to extend him a job offer in a few years and a mini uniform in the meantime. Methinks Deacon will never actually work for Pizza Hut, but hey, let a boy dream.






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