Reese Witherspoon at This Means War LA Premiere Pictures

Reese, Tom, and Chris Team Up to Show This Means War in LA

Reese, Tom, and Chris Team Up to Show This Means War in LA

Reese Witherspoon joined her This Means War leading men on the red carpet at their LA premiere last night. She was decked out in a strapless dress from Miu Miu to sign autographs for fans and pose for pictures with "Piney" and Tom, who brought along his British actress fiancée Charlotte Riley. Reese, Chris, and Tom were together last weekend for their junket as well. We caught up with the trio there, and Reese joked about the challenges of choosing one of the two guys, Chris or Tom, in the movie. Yesterday, Reese talked about having more kids. She said, "I would love that!"

Chelsea Handler, who plays Reese's BFF, didn't pose with her costars. Instead, she made her way solo down the press line, and joked with us about her relationships with Reese, Chris, and Tom. When asked which actor, Chris or Tom, she would pick if given the choice, Chelsea went with Mr. Hardy since she's a big fan of muscles. We will likely see more of the foursome before the film hits theaters next Tuesday, Feb. 14, on Valentine's Day. Stay tuned for more from the event later today on PopSugar Rush.

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