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Renée's Culture Clash

Renée's Culture Clash

Celebs really pride themselves on being politically correct and culturally aware. Renée Zellweger had done her share of global work around the world so that is why she was a little embarrassed when she realized she over stepped cultural boundaries. Last year she worked with the Children's Defense Fund and attended a a summit in Jordan about women's health issues. But while there she made a huge cultural faux pas. Here's more:

"Sometimes I just make some cultural mistakes here and there. I had this driver in Jordan, he was lovely, he was taking care of me, really, really generous very, very sweet. "He didn't speak any English. He safely delivered me to the airport and he was just really nice, so I threw my arms around him and I gave him a big Texas thank-you hug. "I stepped back and I looked at his face and he was horrified, and I thought, 'You don't do that! You don't go over there and you don't hug a man that you don't know.' "Cultural faux-pas! I thought, 'Oh, my God, here we go. He's insulted and I'm a prostitute and I'm probably going to jail...or I'm probably married to that guy! We're a couple now!''"

At least her heart was in the right place! For more pics of Renée outside the Ritz Carlton in NY just read more








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