Renee Zellweger on the Cover of InStyle April 2008

Renée Zellweger Is Happy and She Knows It

It's all about brightness and bold colors for Renée Zellweger in April's InStyle. The Leatherheads star sat down with the magazine while she was in Canada filming Chilled in Miami to share her positive outlook on life, as well as model some awesomely colorful Spring outfits. Bottom line: Renée is one seriously happy camper and she always has been. Here are highlights:

  • On liking her job: "I genuinely like what I do. I'm shooting here in Canada with a bunch of wonderful people. Not long ago I worked in the Carolinas for Leatherheads with a group of other people whom I liked a lot. Admittedly, I rarely go to my farm because it's just up the road from my best friend's farm, where my godkids, who are toddlers, live, and my cat. So I go to her house. Or to my brother's house, where my nieces and nephew are. And I have an apartment in New York, where I change out the contents of a suitcase, catch up on my life there."
  • On having fun: "I can have fun anywhere. I'm not averse to going out dancing, but fun to me is a little different. I want to create something good."
  • On getting to wear great clothes: "I really appreciate the artistry in fashion now. It's extraordinary to wear one of those red-carpet gowns. They're beautiful. They're art."

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  • On working with George Clooney: "It was a no-brainer. I heard George was making a movie and I said, "When?" If he had asked me to make peanut butter sandwiches for the catering, I would have said, "Crunchy or smooth?" It's never less than great with him. And poor me, I had to watch guys throwing a football all day. Yeah, that was horrible. I guess somebody had to do it. Talk about living the dream."
  • On being a happy person: "I'm fortunate. I think I was born happy. If I have a bad moment, it doesn't take me long to switch the gear back. I say, 'That sucked,' and move on. There's a lot I want to do. I want to be better at things. I want to know more; I want to understand more. I want to figure out what it is I'm supposed to do. I'm on the road, but I know it's not the whole road."

Point taken. Renée seems like she's reached a great point in her life, but who wouldn't be thrilled to work with George Clooney and wear fab red carpet outfits? Her marathon shopping trips probably don't hurt either.