Rihanna and Chris Wear Winter White in Paris

Rihanna and Chris Brown did a little of what they do best — luxury shopping at LV and Gucci — in Paris yesterday. The romantic city is perfect for the stylish couple in their various matching black, white and gray pieces. Rihanna is in town to perform on Star Academy and if the viewers are lucky they'll get a steamy cameo by Chris on stage as a bonus. Rih has your favorite short haircut of the year and she recently talked about what it does for her saying, "My hair definitely inspired different things like how I dress, the swagger. I became more confident and more comfortable with myself. . . I like to have an edge to it, no matter what it is that I'm doing. It's really cool when I see people in the audience with the same hair as I have. It's very flattering. Not too long ago I was that person in the audience." She's come a long way in the past few years and with Chris by her side, these two should only get bigger in 2009.

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