Rihanna Covers November 2012 Vogue

Rihanna Tells Vogue: "All I Want Is a Guy to Take Me Out"

Rihanna posed in Vogue.

Rihanna covers the November issue of Vogue in a spread shot by photographer Annie Leibovitz — check out a behind-the-scenes video of Rihanna's shoot. It's a big week for Rihanna; in addition to her second Vogue cover (she also fronted their April 2011 issue), she announced that her seventh studio album, Unapologetic, will be released on Nov. 19. In her interview with the magazine, which took place last month, Rihanna spoke about how her work affects her personal life. Here are highlights from Rihanna in Vogue:

  • On her connection with Katy Perry: "[We both know what it's like to] go through personal things in a very public way . . . [we] genuinely care if each other are OK."
  • On her love life: "I have not been on a date in forever. Like two years. Haven't gone to the movies, to dinner. Zero. . . . I would love to go on a date. You don't think that? I'm a woman. A young woman, vibrant, and I love to have fun. And I have too many vaginas around me at this point. Seriously, all I want is a guy to take me out and make me laugh for a good hour and take my ass back home. He doesn't even have to come up. All I want is a conversation for an hour."