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Emilia Clarke Will Play Sarah Connor

Dec 15 2013 - 2:00am

This week's casting news features a lot of our favorite stars in interesting projects, like Robert Pattinson [1], who picked another drama; Jason Segel [2], who'll play a famous author; and Emilia Clarke, who's getting the Terminator reboot party started in the iconic role of Sarah Connor. Click through for more details on these new roles, plus the latest scoop on Mockingjay and Fifty Shades of Grey!

Omar Epps will star in One Small Mistake [3], a thriller about a man trying to find justice in a small-minded town.

Robert Knepper has joined Mockingjay [4] as a brand-new character who was not in Suzanne Collins's books. He'll play Antonius, a minister to President Snow (Donald Sutherland).

Ben Whishaw will play Freddie Mercury [5] in a biopic about the rock group Queen.

Jason Momoa has joined the Batman vs. Superman film [6] starring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck [7]. It's unknown who Momoa will play.

Jason Clarke is in talks to play John Connor [8] in the Terminator reboot.

Robert Pattinson will star in The Childhood of a Leader [9], a drama that will follow the life of a world leader. Juliette Binoche and Tim Roth have also been cast.

Samuel L. Jackson joined the cast of Tarzan [10], which is already starring Alexander Skarsgard [11]. Jackson's role is unknown.

Laura Dern joined 99 Homes [12] as Andrew Garfield's mother. Garfield plays a man who loses his home during the economic crisis.

Hailee Steinfeld is in talks for Ten Thousand Saints [13], an adaptation of a novel about a teen who joins the straight-edge crowd in 1980s New York. Steinfeld plays the girl who gets pregnant by the main character's best friend.

Jason Segel will play David Foster Wallace [14] in The End of the Tour opposite Jesse Eisenberg, who will play Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky.

Callum Keith Rennie joined Fifty Shades of Grey [15]. He'll play Ray Steele, Anastasia's stepfather who raised Ana and is now divorced from her mother.

Ed Helms will star in The Naked Gun reboot [16] as the Leslie Nielsen character. The movie will be written by Reno 911's Thomas Lennon and R. Ben Garant.

Emilia Clarke will play Sarah Connor [17] in the Terminator reboot alongside Jason Clarke as John Connor.

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