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Robert Pattinson Is Apparently Into Erotic Spitting

Jun 13 2014 - 9:40am

Robert Pattinson [1] certainly has a way with words. While promoting his new film The Rover [2] on Thursday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, he got candid about something surprising — his saliva. When asked why he lies so much, he suddenly said, "I have extraordinarily heavy saliva." When pressed further, he explained that when he's lying, "the panic and the adrenaline helps thin your saliva out." Then things got weirder. Once he told Jimmy about how he thought he didn't have enough "lip power" to spit properly, he asked the host, "Have you ever had someone spit on you, like in kind of an erotic way?" After an awkward pause from Jimmy and a giggling fit from Rob, the actor admitted, "It's pretty great!" For more quotable moments from Robert, scroll down to watch him talk about being homeless in LA and why Guy Pearce gave an 80-year-old woman a massage on their Australian set.

Source: Getty / Jason LaVeris [3]

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