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Royal Baby GIFs and Memes

The Internet Reacts to the Royal Baby Craze

Now that Kate Middleton and Prince William unveiled the royal baby boy, excitement surrounding the royal baby has hit an all-time high. Crowds gathered across London to celebrate the future heir's arrival, and royal baby fever has people from around the world glued to coverage of the monarchy's newest addition. Amid all the royal baby madness, the Internet has not disappointed, with plenty of hilarious memes, GIFs, and pictures capturing the craze. Take a look:

Look at those little fingers as the royal baby nails the royal wave:

The royal family, reimagined as The Lion King:

Kanye West's memorable interruption of Taylor Swift at the VMAs gets a royal twist:

Someecards put out a whole batch of royal-baby themed cards, including this one:

Read on for more funny royal baby-related finds.

The famous door at London's St. Mary's Hospital deserves a meme of its own:

A Someecard reminder of all the baby-girl bets:


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