Russell Brand and Katy Perry Kissing Pictures at London Premiere of Arthur 2011-04-19 12:08:11

Russell Brand Has Kisses For Wife Katy Perry at His UK Arthur Premiere

Russell Brand Has Kisses For Wife Katy Perry at His UK Arthur Premiere

A Dolce & Gabbana-clad Russell Brand had lots of love to share this afternoon at the UK premiere of Arthur in London. His wife, Katy Perry, was on hand for the red carpet, and her sparkly nude gown was evidently a hit with Russell. He threw his arms around her to give her a big kiss before temporarily leaving her side in order to pose with his costars Greta Gerwig and Helen Mirren, who also had a sweet PDA moment with her own spouse, Taylor Hackford. One cast-mate didn't make the trek, though, as Jennifer Garner celebrated her 39th birthday back in LA. Katy is on a break from her Teenage Dream world tour, and she jetted to England after spending the weekend with other celebs at Coachella. Russell arrived in his home country a few days ago to do press for the European opening of his film, which opened in the US to relatively underwhelming results. We managed to catch up with him at a screening in NYC, where he talked all about his love for Helen and his hopes for Easter Sunday. Russell said:

  • On ranking Helen on a scale of 1-10 of awesomeness: "There's no number, it's beyond Pythagoras, beyond mathematics, beyond numeracy. There's a system of signs that belongs only in the heavens — that is what I would give Helen Mirren. Astronomy cannot answer how much I love that woman."
  • On his connection with Helen: "I love her very much, there's nothing but sparks there. That woman is a pyrotechnical display all in herself. I think crush is a rather glib word for the profound tidal love that swells in my stomach every time I look at that woman."
  • On what he wants in his Easter basket: "I think it's bad to eat too much sugar. An apple, photograph of the queen, just more baskets, an endless Russian doll effect of baskets, a wicker tower reaching to god himself, or herself, who knows."
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