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7 Stages of Grieving Over Ryan Gosling's Baby News

Jul 10 2014 - 3:17am

On Wednesday, we all received the stunning and unbelievable news that Ryan Gosling is going to be a father [1]. That's right, his girlfriend, Eva Mendes [2], is pregnant. And if all of the reactions on Twitter [3] were any indication, the world is not prepared to accept it. Frankly, neither are we. After all that sweetness in The Notebook [4] and all those hot looks [5], we're going to need a while to process. Keep scrolling to begin the grieving process.

Source: Film District [6]

Stage 1: Denial

Nope. No. Nope. This is unacceptable.

Source: Film District [7]

Stage 2: More Denial

Please, no. This isn't how it's supposed to be!

Stage 3: Anger

Get out of here and don't talk to me until I say you can.

Source: Film District [8]

Stage 4: Bargaining

It's not too late! We can still be together! Please?

Stage 5: Desperate Begging

No but seriously, please.

Stage 6: Depression

This is real, isn't it? It's really real.

Stage 7: "Acceptance"

Dead inside. Check back in a few years.

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