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A Guide to Ryan Gosling's Goofiest Faces

Nov 12 2015 - 9:30pm

Ryan Gosling [1] has been a heartthrob for decades [2], but sometimes it's not his sexy moments [3], smoldering looks, or passionate onscreen kisses [4] that make him hot. When Gosling is at his silliest, making funny faces and posing adorably with friends, he is often also at his best. So to celebrate one of Hollywood's hottest dads as he marks his 35th birthday on Thursday, we've rounded up our favorite goofy Gosling moments through the years. Keep reading to see them!

When His Bow-Tie Is Tied Too Tight.

When He's in a Kissing Mood.

When He's NOT in a Kissing Mood.

When He Notices Someone in the Crowd.

When He's So Over Posing For Pictures.

When He Gets to Bring His Dog on the Red Carpet.

When He Wants to Admire an Object.

When He Remembers a Good Joke.

When He's the Only One Who Noticed the Photographer Is Still Going.

When He's in a Fist-Shaking Mood.

When He's in the Presence of George Clooney. . .

or Dave Matthews . . .

or Emma Stone!

When He Wants to Take a Selfie With Kevin Spacey.

When He's Trying to Get His Young Costar to Laugh.

When He Wants to Be the Center of Attention.

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