Ryan Gosling Pictures Arriving in Toronto For Film Festival

Ryan Gosling Arrives in Toronto For Double the Film Festival Fun

Ryan Gosling in Toronto.

Ryan Gosling looked great when he touched down in Toronto last night. He's in his home country of Canada to attend the Toronto Film Festival premiere of his new movie Drive, which he was busy promoting in LA last week. In a junket interview, Ryan admitted fans often hope he's Ryan Reynolds. He said, "They're disappointed when I'm not Ryan Reynolds. [Fans say], 'Oh, can I get my picture with you?' And you're like, sure, and they're like, ‘I thought you were more muscley.' No. ‘Have you gotten, like, more unattractive for a role?' No. Just the role of my life." The stint on the West Coast meant Ryan missed out on the Venice Film Festival events for his other upcoming release The Ides of March, but since that movie's also screening in Toronto, Ryan should be able to join costar and director George Clooney on the red carpet Sept. 9.


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