Ryan Gosling Pictures Filming Gangster Squad

Ryan Gosling Starts a New Project and Reveals His Dream to Direct

Ryan Gosling shoots Gangster Squad.

Ryan Gosling was on the LA set of his new movie, Gangster Squad, looking handsome in a red shirt, vest, and hat. He laughed with a friend near his trailer before reporting to work in front of the cameras. The project, which sees Ryan team up again with Emma Stone, is the latest for the busy actor. He recently wrapped Derek Cianfrance's The Place Beyond the Pines around Albany, NY, with rumored love interest Eva Mendes. Despite all the acting, Ryan's also doing his share of promoting with both The Ides of March and Drive requiring his interviewing skills. He was in his homeland of Canada over the weekend to show off both Drive and the George Clooney-directed Ides. In a recent interview, Ryan spoke about shooting with George, his start as a child actor, and being recognized by fans. Ryan said:

  • On trying to not get recognized: "You just have to hang out in places that are more interesting than you are. . . . [Meeting him] has a weird effect on people. The experience of recognizing you puts them into some kind of trance where they think they know you, but they don’t. They start sharing with you, and it gives you this intimacy that’s very rare."
  • On making The Ides of March: "[I worked with] a lot of actors that are really at the top of their game. . . . I want to direct some day. Watching George is really interesting. He’s sort of possessed by the film while he’s making it."
  • On his start as a child actor: "It’s very hard coming from kids’ television to break the stigma. . . . All you have is a VHS tape of you humping stuff on The Mickey Mouse Club and wearing fake tanner and fighting imaginary sphinxes."

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