Ryan Gosling at Runyon With His Dog George Pictures

Ryan Gosling Hits the Hiking Trail With George as Drive Takes a Top Spot

Ryan Gosling gave George a lift.

A sweatpants-clad Ryan Gosling took his dog George for a hike at LA's Runyon Canyon on Saturday. The actor's latest movie, Drive, was out on Friday and took the number three spot at the box office with $11 million. While Drive didn't win the weekend, it has been a critical hit, and Ryan is clearly passionate about the project. The actor has spent several months promoting the film, along with his other current movies like The Ides of March, and often has George as his travel partner. Ryan will likely be staying put on the West Coast for a bit now as he films Gangster Squad with costars like Josh Brolin. It's yet another role for one of the busiest guys in Hollywood, and despite his love for his career, Ryan hinted that he might be ready to shelve it in favor of fatherhood. The star said he'd be equally happy making babies as making movies in a recent interview!