Ryan Reynolds showed off his hotness both on the cover of The Advocate and walking back to his motorcycle in West Hollywood on Thursday. Van Wilder can be pretty dreamy even when he's all scruffy (and wearing a shirt). The magazine sat down to chat with the hot Hollywood commodity a little bit about life in the limelight and what it's like to be caught by the paparazzi. Here's more:

They’re taking 140 shots a minute, and then they choose the one where you look like you’re frowning or a little bit upset or a little bit anything. Suddenly that becomes the story, which turns into “fact” shortly afterwards. It’s crazy. It’s stressful for the people who are under this microscope, and it’s stressful for the people around them as well. Because if you’re dating a girl, and you’re photographed with another girl who happens to be famous, and they’re cropping out the eight people around you—suddenly you’re in hot water for no reason at all.

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