Ryan Phillippe is promoting Stop-Loss overseas and in an interview with Britain's The Times Magazine he spoke about his breakup with Reese, paparazzi life with kids and growing up in a small town. This weekend he was seen doing his normal daddy duty things like buying shoes for Deacon and Ava. In the article he explained how his own aggressive reactions to the paparazzi have made Ava skittish of the cameras as opposed to this new plan to use the paps to advertise organizations he supports and just go about his way. Looks like he's got it all under control these days.

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On his split with Reese:
“I fooled myself into believing it would be easier than it was. To have people speculating constantly about the state of your relationship, casting aspersions and telling lies... It took more of a toll than I was immediately aware of. When you factor in being separated so much because you’re working in different places... Not that I blame our no longer being together on that one thing. I take responsibility and she [Witherspoon] would also for the way we ended up going. But it didn’t help.”

On why Ava is scared of the paparazzi:
“She’s aware and it creates in her a lot of anxiety, which is partly my fault. When Ava was very young, I was young too. And brash. I’d get... I wouldn’t like to say violent, but visibly angry at the paparazzi back then. She was my first child, and my instinct was to protect her. I remember one time that I’m not at all proud of, I was holding my daughter and handed her to Reese and ran off to chase this one guy down and hit him. I would never do that now."

On his hometown in Delaware:
“So while there’s a lot going on all around, Delaware itself doesn’t have much of an identity. And I’d draw a parallel there with myself in the regard that I can go off in different directions, either as an actor or in my personal life, but that I am, I think, essentially unremarkable. I’m kind of Delaware personified. That having made some 30 movies I’m probably the most famous person ever to come from there tells you all you need to know.” His home community of New Castle is technically a city, though it has fewer than 5,000 citizens. “I guess that’s why I always had the drive to move on. Had I stayed, I think it would have been a very restricted and predictable life.”

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