Ryan Reynolds Leaving a NYC Hotel in a Suit Pictures

Ryan Reynolds Changes Into a Suit Ahead of His Big Weekend

Ryan Reynolds left a NYC hotel.

Ryan Reynolds gave a wave as he left his hotel in the Big Apple today. The actor has been staying in NYC for the past few days as he preps for his latest comedy, The Change-Up, to hit theaters. He and his costar Jason Bateman have made numerous TV appearances on both coasts this month to drum up excitement for the body-switching comedy. Jason stopped by The Daily Show this week, while Ryan chatted with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show just before his trip to NYC. The costars have also done plenty of promotion together, as well. Ryan and Jason teamed up on The Today Show yesterday to talk about the project and were also on the red carpet together at Monday night's LA premiere, which Sandra Bullock also attended. Ryan and Jason even made a viral video for The Change-Up. The short features the longtime friends attempting to sell the movie to a diverse audience with hilarious results.

Source: AKM Images