SJP Can't Contain Her Love For Fashion

SJP Can't Contain Her Love For Fashion

We couldn't fit everyone in yesterday's collage, but Sarah Jessica Parker is still one of our favorite fabulous celebrity moms. She, James Wilkie and Matthew may have kept it casual for Mother's Day, but we all know what a fashionista SJP is, and apparently she likes dressing up her husband too. In a recent interview with Glamour, she said: "Before he knew me, he felt very confident about dressing on his own. I seem to have sapped his confidence. He thinks I have become an interloper in his closet . . . I buy him so much that he feels it's taken away his ability to make his own decisions."

Sarah and Matthew seem to have a pretty solid relationship, so we're thinking that she's just joking around. Besides, who wouldn't want SJP picking out his/her outfits?

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