SJP Goes Solo As Tell-All SATC Book Is Planned

Back in NYC after her family trip to Hawaii for the holidays, Sarah Jessica Parker checked out a documentary screening at the Tribeca Grand. Now that filming on the Sex and the City movie is finally done, SJP can relax a bit, but the SATC rumor mill churns on. The latest news is that Clifford Streit, the inspiration for Carrie's pal Stanford Blatch, is writing a tell-all book about the early days of the HBO series, and he's not keeping any of the juicy details to himself.



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To see what tidbits the book is rumored to contain, just read more

"Included in a proposal being circulated by Artists and Artisans agent Adam Chromy are details of a real-life affair that allegedly took place between two of SATC's on-screen lovers. It is a story that will cause plenty of headaches if it makes it into print.

The book suggests tensions on set began because Kim Cattrall was 'a natural comedienne, and a scene-stealer in the best possible sense - the camera went right to her.' And executive producer Darren Star passed on Ashton Kutcher for the show because, he privately confided after a dinner meeting, 'I don't see this kid going anywhere.'

Then there was a night out at Moomba, when the show was enjoying its first flush of success. Streit recalls getting so drunk on Cosmopolitans with cast members that he actually threw up on Chris Noth's shoes."

Wow. Who knew the SATC crew could get so wild? We've got four more months to wait for the movie, but that seems like more than enough time to speculate about that affair. Who do you think it was?

Source and Splash News Online