Another day, more wacky and wonderful eye-catching outfits for Sarah Jessica Parker along with soon-to-be father Chris Noth filming the Sex and the City movie in NYC. Fab wants to know if you love or hate her military-inspired look. Good news for those of you who can't wait for more juicy tidbits from the set, Michael Patrick King (who wrote and is directing the movie) and SJP let a couple of spoilers slip to the New York Times, including where all the girls are when we catch up with them. SJP said:

  • On what the movie means to her: “For me the whole movie is the streets... because that’s where all the promise and potential is. That’s the romance. That’s the hope. That’s where single women walk out the door every day, and they just don’t know what is two steps away.”
  • On Carrie's growth: “That sort of wanton lust, it’s just not at the surface of their skin anymore... what’s important to me is that Carrie isn’t frivolous and silly, that there is sophistication to her. She’s making a serious attempt at making grown-up decisions about love and about life choices.”
  • On dealing with the crowds: “I basically just look down between every take because it’s too hard if you look up and you see the perimeter is madness.”

We can only imagine how crazy it gets on set. And as for the spoilers — the article even says one of the girls moves to LA! How could that be!? Guess we'll have to wait until May to figure how that works out.

To see more of Carrie/SJP and Mr. Big/Chris on the set just read more

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