Before the stars get ready for Academy Award fun, there are the prerequisite parties to attend, and last night the celebs came out for the 5th annual Global Green pre-Oscar party. Adrian Grenier has never been one to miss an eco-friendly good time, and it looks like he's officially trying to look like a caveman at this point. At least Salma was all cleaned up (and looking so slim!) to talk about the cause. According to the Global Green board member, having a new baby has only increased her concern for our planet. She said,

"I get a bigger fear of what kind of world she's going to live in. Is she going to run out of water? What kind of water is she going to drink? It's really scary and it's not that far away if we don't do something about it."

It seems like Adrian is already starting the movement to save our water resources by not showering, but hopefully they can spread enough awareness to find other ways to protect the earth as well.

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Images include: Adrian Grenier, Alexis Arquette, Jason Lewis, Michelle Branch, Molly Sims, Salma Hayek, Sophia Bush, Tate Donovan