Sarah Jessica Parker With Birthday Balloons in NYC Pictures

Sarah Jessica Parker Celebrates 47 With Her Girls

Sarah Jessica Parker, Loretta Broderick, and Tabitha Broderick walked in NYC on SJP's birthday.

Sarah Jessica Parker turned 47 yesterday and had her twin daughters Loretta and Tabitha Broderick, as well as her mother Barbara Parker, along for the celebration. The ladies, accompanied by James Wilkie Broderick, were spotted toting balloons and a gift around NYC. SJP has been working in TV and film since she was a teenager, but her most beloved role was most certainly Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. Now, SJP is passing the torch onto a new generation, with AnnaSophia Robb playing a young Carrie in The Carrie Diaries. The SATC prequel will hit the airwaves next Fall. Anna has already been spotted around NYC in character, sporting Sarah Jessica's signature curls and Carrie's quirky style. Are you looking forward to seeing Anna take on the role, or is SJP the only Carrie Bradshaw for you?